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October 2013

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Pardon Me

So I am doing doing two of these today since I am behind.

What are you afraid of?

Well I guess just not living up to my full potential. When you are younger you think that you really can do anything, which may be true. You just don’t think of all the work, money and sacrifices that go into it. When I was younger I had soo many dreams and I guess being nieve I just thought it would all fall into my lap. I didn’t realize that in most cases you need to move to other places leaving friends and family behind to achieve the things I wanted to, not to mention the amount of money. I honestly think that I was meant to be an awesome mom. Although I do not have kids right now, I will someday and I think that was what I was meant to do.

Ten favorite songs right now:

This one was hard. Yes there are some guilty pleasures on this list, but oh well. I thought I would use youtube links in case someone didn’t know the song and wanted to check it out.

I have the biggest girl crush on the drummer!

The boy and I carved pumkins last night:


I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus, but hey, if you are or of that song, all the power to you. :) I am not one to judge on musical tastes!

That's an interesting fear - I think many would have that too. It helps to vocalize it and to know it exists. :)
Love love love Ed Sheeran. He can't do any harm, except maybe tour with Taylor.